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Saxon747 [Official site]

Biff Byford [Official FaceBook]

Biff Byford Webshop [Official Website]

Paul Quinn [Official FaceBook]

Nigel Glocker [Official Facebook]

Nibbs Carter [Official FaceBook]

Nibbs Carter [Official Facebook]

Doug Scarratt [Official Facebook]

Saxon [Official FaceBook]

Saxon Webshop [Official Website]

UK Webshop [Official Site]

USA Webshop [Official Site]

Saxon Family related Websites / FaceBook

OD Saxon [Official Website]

OD Saxon [Official Facebook]

Graham Oliver [Official FaceBook]

Steve Dawson [Official FaceBook]

Paul Quinn, The Cards [Official Website]

Paul Quinn, The Cards Webshop [Official Website]

Paul Quinn, The Cards [Official FaceBook]

Fan made Websites / Facebook:

French Fan [Website]

Saxon For Ever [FaceBook]

Saxon Fan Group [FaceBook]

Saxon Hellas [Facebook]

Saxon Bulgaria [Facebook]

Saxon supportive Rock sites

Friday13thMetal [Tube Channel UK]