Paul Raymond Gregory, Artist who designed this exquisite cover of the album ‘Battering Ram’.


Battering Ram            

The Devil’s Footprint   

Queen Of Hearts         


Hard And Fast             

Eye Of The Storm       

Stand Your Ground     

Top Of The World        

To The End                 

Kingdom Of The Cross


Bass Guitar – Nibbs Carter

Drums – Nigel Glocker

Guitar – Doug Scarratt, Paul Quinn

Vocals – Biff Byford

Battering Ram (LP, Album), UDR 037P70, Germany 2015

Battering Ram ‎(Box, Ltd + LP, Album + CD, Album, Eco + CD, Car), UDR 037P75, Germany 2015

Limited box edition including:
• “Battering Ram” album on LP with download card
• “Battering Ram” album on CD in ecolbook edition
• “Saxon Over Sweden 2011” bonus live CD in cardsleeve (available in this box only) – recorded at Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sweden on June 9, 2011.
• T-shirt
• hand-numbered liner notes

Bonus Track

Track 11 ”Three Sheets To The Wind (The Drinking Song)” appears only on the CD versions

CD1-11 Three Sheets To The Wind (The Drinking Song) 3:53

Saxon Over Sweden 2011

CD2-1 Hammer Of The Gods 5:02

CD2-2 Heavy Metal Thunder 3:19

CD2-3 Motorcycle Man 3:40

CD2-4 Back In ’79 3:05

CD2-5 Never Surrender 3:25

CD2-6 Fire In The Sky 1:44

CD2-7 Midnight Rider 2:16

CD2-8 And The Bands Played On 3:18

CD2-9 The Eagle Has Landed 7:43

CD2-10 Play It Loud 3:21

CD2-11 Rough And Ready 2:13

CD2-12 Out Of Control 2:33

CD2-13 Denim And Leather 5:07

CD2-14 Princess Of The Night 5:08

CD2-15 747 (Strangers In The Night) 5:30

CD2-16 Crusader 5:29

CD2-17 Strong Arm Of The Law 4:11

CD2-18 Wheels Of Steel 9:45

Battering Ram ‎(CD, Album), UDR 037P01, Germany 2015

Battering Ram ‎(CD, Album, Eco), UDR 037P01, Germany 2015

Battering Ram ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Eco), UDR 037P01, Germany 2015

Battering Ram ‎(CD, Album, Unofficial), UDR 037P01, Russia  2015

Battering Ram ‎(CD, Album), Hellion Records, Icarus Music  HEL 1148, Brazil 2016

Battering Ram ‎(CD, Album), Icarus Music ICARUS 1441, Argentina 2016

Battering Ram ‎(CD, Album), Фоно FO1347CD, Russia  2018

Packaged in a jewel case, a 20-page booklet

Promotion poster

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