Pagan Chorus (72 – 73)

The turning point in Paul’s life came in his early 20s, when he started earning good money gigging on weekends as a member of covers band Pagan Chorus, playing rock and “cabaret-style” pop. Eventually he quit his day job to become a professional musician.

Brian Heywood (then later David Watson, later still Pete Brook): vocals

Kevin Kitchen on keyboards

Stuart O’Connor (then David Cowley): drums

Robert Barraclough: bass

Robert Ward: Saxophone

Carl Fuelop (then Glynn Thompson): Trombone.

Paul Quinn: Guitar

Source picture: Paul Quinn with kind permission (year 1972)
Quinn, Thompson, Watson, Ward, Barraclough, O’Connor, Kitchen.

Known concerts

Pagan Chorus 1973, Feb 23: Aquarius Club, Hastings, England UK

Pagan Chorus 1973, December 14: Club Ba-Ba, Barnsley, England UK

Pagan Chorus 1973, December 21: Club Ba-Ba, Barnsley, England UK

Source: Broadcast Barnsley: Biff spotted playing Pagan Chorus on the bill at Barnsley’s Club Baba– possibly  in December 1973 when they appeared twice at the venue. Baba was the prime venue in the town- and very stylish too: it allowed girls in for free, advertising then for men who “wanted to look at the biggest and best choice of birds in Barnsley.  Every week we have approximately 200 by 9pm.”  The right choice for the local lads was clear- arrive early to avoid the risk of picking up a “blurred bird” probably inebriated by one of their many spirits promotions.


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